In our first Q&A with Othello Khanh in March 2009, the producer and director told AsiaLIFE about his life growing up in the Khanh household. His father is designer and inventor Quasar Khanh, who is known for creating a line of high-end inflatable furniture and fabricating hovercrafts. Recently, another of Quasar’s unlikely inventions was included in a list of Eye-Popping Car Designs on Time magazine’s website. Check out this shot of a prototype for the cube-shaped¬†Le Quasar from 1967¬†that Time editors included on the list of 43 creative cars.

For in-person examples of Quasar Khanh’s designs, head over to Gaya design shop on Le Lai in District 1, where his aluminum cast furniture, tables and lamps are featured among the fashion and interiors selections.

Contributed by Tom DiChristopher