June’s AsiaLIFE on the Stands Now

June 3, 2010

This month AsiaLIFE delves into contemporary pop culture in Vietnam. Tom DiChristopher speaks to industry insiders about delivering better homegrown television programming in “I Want My VNTV.” Thomas Maresca profiles the efforts of producers and artists to champion R&B and hiphop over saccharine karaoke-ready pop in “Vietnamese Music Searches for a Groove.” Jade Bilowol follows up on our September Vietnamese Film issue in “Filmmaking’s Wild Wild East.” And Chi Huyen Mai traces the curious lifespan of Vietnamese blogs in “The Birth, Death and Revival of Vietnam’s Blogging Culture.”

Also this month: Dinh Q. Le sits for a Q&A to speak about the opening of his solo show at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Jeremy Kressmann discovers hiking in Hong Kong. Thomas Maresca reconnects with famed foodie Patricia Wells on her return to Vietnam. James Beard Award-winning food writer Richard Sterling begins his regular column for AsiaLIFE. Alexandra Karina gives us the skinny on the peak of Vietnam’s fruit season. Lolita Guevarra explains how bamboo-oriented economists are lifting legions out of poverty. Ginny Becker discovers how to harness Qi. And Tom DiChristopher explores the career of modern-day Renaissance man Quasar Khanh in a visual retrospective (expect lots of inflatable furniture).

AND: AsiaLIFE breaks the news on the biggest concert to hit Phnom Penh in … well … perhaps ever!

The issue is hitting the stands right now. Pick up your copy at: Al Fresco’s, Au Parc, Bernie’s Bar & Grill, Black Cat, BoatHouse, Buddha Bar, Jaspa’s, Juice, Kim Hai, La Brasserie, Le Pub, Mekong Merchant, Mogambo, Mojo Café, Pacharan, Peaches, Phattys, Refinery, Sheridan’s, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, The Deck, The Tavern, ZanZBar.

Or download it online at www.asialifehcmc.com. Available in the coming weeks in Hanoi at Ipanima, Le Pub, La Restaurant and R&R Tavern; Nha Trang at Rainbow Divers, Sailing Club and Zeno Designs; and Phan Thiet at Joe’s The Art Café, Princess D’Annam and Sailing Club.

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