Homegrown Indie Rock in Vietnam

February 4, 2010

HCMC scenestress and Everyone’s a DJ organizer Linh Phan (better known as DJ Superkid) tipped us off to an interesting event happening this weekend. It seems an indie rock scene is beginning to emerge in Saigon, and the third in a new series of DIY-style shows will be taking place this Friday night at a bar/cafe in the decidedly non-downtown Pham Hung Street in District 8. Here’s the skinny from Superkid:

Wasted Youth of an Ill Nation III: Talk Less, Listen More

Friday, February 5 @ UPSTAIR(s) Bar, C4/21 Pham Hung, District 8. From 7.30 to 11pm. No cover.

The Coconut Macadam: a trio from France with guitars, harmonica and violin.

Gordon Brome: French guitarist brings back the 80s with tunes influenced by Sonic Youth and Daft Punk. Check out his MySpace page.

Purple Balloon: a funky punk band formed right here in Saigon. Click here for a video of the band.

AKAT: A three-piece grunge/punk band from Saigon. More info on their MySpace page or see a video here.

UPSTAIR(s) Bar is on the first floor of a materials store named Vinh Tuong. From District 1, 3, 5, etc. head south down Nguyen Tri  Phuong, which turns into Pham Hung in District 8. From District 7, take Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard (driving away from Phu My Hung) and make a right after RMIT onto Pham Hung. For more details email Linh at linh@helloyeti.com or einsamkeitie@gmail.com.

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