Mamma Mia Meets Vietnam

January 30, 2010

Spontaneous song-and-dance numbers. A sunny, seaside resort locale. Boy meets girl. On the surface, it certainly looks like Mamma Mia! (which would make sense in ABBA-obsessed Vietnam).

If this is your first Tet in Vietnam, you might be surprised to find that cinemas are beginning to screen a bevy of homegrown movies. One of the film’s released this weekend is–to our knowledge–the first film musical made in Vietnam: Nhung Nu Hon Ruc Ro (Glamorous Kisses). Contributing Editor Thomas Maresca first teased it in the September cover story, “Vietnamese Film Gets Focused,” and we recently found the trailer while compiling the Box Office section for the February issue of AsiaLIFE.

Directed by Nguyen Quang Dung, whose last two movies both broke the country’s box office records, the film follows the exploits of a non-traditional hotel heiress who decides to put on a music show to save her family’s Nha Trang resort from bankruptcy. It took a bit of digging to find that information, which is not to say we didn’t enjoy the following English translations of the plot summaries on cinema websites:

Lam is a rich lady but she is a perverse and haughty person. Beside, she was inherited beauty resort in Nha Trang by her family – Galaxy Cinema

Lam is a naughty dreaming girl who has a big heritage from her parents. She always dreams of being a singer and because of luxurious lifestyle, she faces off bankrupt problem. To save her situation, she helplessly plans a musical liveshow – Megastar

Contributed by Tom DiChristopher


2 Responses to “Mamma Mia Meets Vietnam”

  1. bphan1492 Says:

    Oh wow, did ya’ll just google translate that from the Vietnamese summaries or are those the actual summaries on the wesbites? If the latter, lol!

  2. asialife Says:

    Yep, that’s the summary that’s listed on Galaxy and Megastar’s respective websites. It does sort of sound like they’ve just run the Vietnamese through a Google, doesn’ it? In case you were wondering, here’s what it Google Translate brings up:

    “Lam – a sub-directory wealthy always dream as singer but as giddy wasting face risk of bankruptcy. She decided to organize a real epic music concerts to save the country billions of their financial silver.”

    God bless you, Google Translate.

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