Indie Dance Returns in a Blaze of Irony!

January 29, 2010

Last year, two DJs by the names of Superkid and White Pigeon began spinning a curious blend of indie rock, discopunk, soul, 80s new wave, 60s girl rock, international pop and whatever the hell else struck them as dance-able at Ho Chi Minh City’s monthly Everyone’s a DJ party. After a few months off, they’re back in the booth to preside over the dance party on January 30 at The Factory (102 Mac Thi Buoi) from 10pm til late.

From their humble origins at Cyclo Bar, they gathered a following and began playing The Cage, which became notorious for giant, sparkly prop letters that spelled out D-A-N-C-E and left you picking glitter off of your face for days on end. And then there was the spontaneous choreography.

Full Disclosure: DJ White Pigeon is one of AsiaLIFE‘s bearded editors, but we’re not telling which one. See you at the show.

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