Notes from the Ed Office: Creepy Query for Ngo Thanh Van

January 20, 2010

Anyone who runs a blog knows you have to regularly check what keywords people are using to find their way to your blog. We looked at our blog stats this morning and found that someone had arrived at our site by entering the phrase “every picture of ngo thanh van taken.” Ngo Thanh Van is the co-star of The Clash, and sure enough, we’re the number three listed result on Google for this slightly creepy query. Not surprising, as we’re probably one of the only publications that writes about Vietnamese film in English regularly. However, our delight that people are finding the blog was somewhat overshadowed by the fear that we may be abetting a deranged fan currently in the process of building his stalker wall. Here’s hoping it’s just a very zealous and harmless teenage boy who simply has yet to refine his boolean skills.

Contributed by Tom DiChristopher


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