Notes from the Ed Office: On the Road Again

January 13, 2010

Going Coconuts in Ben Tre

Things are pretty quiet today. Contributing editor Thomas Maresca and staff photographer Nam Quan are out in the Mekong finishing up field work for February’s cover story. Expect a strong documentary from the duo in line with their Living Positive story on HIV-affected families in November’s issue, vol. 20.

Your humble managing editor just got done polishing off the first in our new Urban Archaeology section (the cover story this month was so popular, we decided to make it a regular staple in the Storyboard section). I’ll be working through the weekend to finalize the February issue before setting off on a whirlwind two weeks of field work in Cambodia and southern Vietnam for our annual Causes issue, which will focus on wildlife and conservation this year.

Also, finished looking over Tom’s Street Smart for February and found myself giggling a lot–some of his better zingers can be found in there.

Hmm? What else can I leak? I’ll be heading out with former staff photographer Christian Berg over the coming days to shoot street food and temples (NOT for the same story) while photo editor Fred Wissink is on holidays. Looking very forward to seeing Christian’s fantastic photography in the pages of AsiaLIFE again.

Contributed by Tom DiChristopher

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